Tharston and District

What was your reaction when lockdown was announced?What have you missed most, apart from family & friends?What have you been doing? Have you learnt something new or unusual?Has lockdown been difficult or easy, could you get used to this way of life?What is the first thing you will do/like when life is back to normal?Anything else you'd like to say about your lockdown experience?
Acceptance, just had to get on with it.Physical contact, face to face social interaction.Enjoying the good weather during lockdown. Started yoga, time for oneself, slow down. Initial lockdown was easier, now not so easy. Now, would like it to continue this style of life.Go on holiday. Family get together.Positive experiences of slowing down. Am lucky as age my only factor. Time to reflect - decided to move (downsize).
Apprehensive.Everything.Cooking. Gardening.Difficult.Relax.Frustration. Fed up with it all.
WorriedTravelWorking from home. Getting used to Microsoft Teams and new way of working.Fairly easy. I can work from home comfortably so no economic impact.Go to St Petersburg. I'd really like to get back to going out places, like WI meetings.I have been lucky. I can see it has been much harder for others.
Resigned.Exactly that.Not a lot.Boring.Smile again.Worse than 1935.
Apprehension!Meeting people for socialising.Reading a whole library! Crafting.Difficult but don't want to accept this way of life permanently.Heave a sigh of relief.You really don't have any option but to obey for your own safety.
Sadness.Going out and eating out.Gardening. DIY.Difficult in parts but generally okay. Would not like to have to get used to this.Get away on holiday abroad.Would not like to repeat it.
Scared.Holidays and days out.Much sewing, gardening, baking.Rather boring, yes I could get used to it.Get all the family together to be able to greet the new arrival.We have met lots of people out on their daily exercise whilst we were in the front garden enjoying the sunshine.
Expected.Socialising with friendsNot learnt anything new.With difficulty.Hug my friends.No.
RELIEF - daughter in Czech Republic had already been lockdowned for weeks.Wandering round the shops. Social events.Gardening, baking, knitting, crochet, walking the dog.Not diffcult most of the time. Just when miss family.Have a family get together, 70th birthday party was cancelled.Value of human interaction.
Amazed.Socialising.Making sourdough bread.It's been better than expected. Yes.Pop to the shops.-
Resigned.Social activities.Plenty of gardening.Has been easy.  Yes.Meet family based far away.Losing our granddaughter was difficult.
Apprehensive.Socialising.Crafts and reading.Relatively easy.Book a holiday - when I can do so with confidence.-
Compliant.Outings - days out.Gardening.Relatively easy - may have to.Smart socialising.-
Resignation.Leisure activities.Surviving.Easy - yes.Go shopping, cinema.Has taught toleration.
It was necessary - go with it.Browsing in shopsNo - loads of jigsaws.Not too difficult, wouldn't want it permanently.Go to the theatre.-
A sense of unreality.Seeing friends and volunteering for EACH.Spending time with my husband, talking, enjoying time together.Fairly easy except for missing family.Have time away.We've enjoyed our time together but missed specific things.
Wasn't surprised.Socialising.Gardening.No.Huigging everyone.No.
Not surprised. I locked down early.Normality.Crosswords and reading.Frustrating. If I had to.Go to the theatre.You realise what you miss.
I knew it was coming so not very surprised.Normality, doing art groups, WI, swimming.I moved house.It has been frustrating, used to it now but would like to get back to normal.Go to the theatre and on holiday.It has made me appreciate the simple things in life.
Not before time.Going out - social life.Gardening/hedge cutting.Difficult.Travel to Aus. and adjust to new life.Sad.
Shock.Meeting at clubs and other activities.Nothing really.Difficult,.Meet family and friends.It is something we have to put up with.
OMGSocialising.Gardening, walking, reading, How resilient I am.So/so.Yoga Class. WI.-
Concern.Freedom to travel.Gardening, decorating etc.Easyish! I would not like this to become the norm.Go on holiday.Easier with good weather. Do not want a repeat in the winter.
Not before time!A social life.Lots of walks and sewing projects.Easy for a short period of time!Go to Australia and resume travelling.How it has brought about the sense of community.