What was your reaction when lockdown was announced?What have you missed most, apart from family & friends?What have you been doing? Have you learnt something new or unusual?Has lockdown been difficult or easy, could you get used to this way of life?What is the first thing you will do/like when life is back to normal?Anything else you'd like to say about your lockdown experience?
Shock horror at what this actually meant.Monthly WI and Flower Club meetings, Church services and singing.I have sorted out photographs, made an Ancestry file which includes a brief history of my life so far.
I learnt that Zoom was the new way of being together in a group, we celebrated my middle son's 40th, my husband's 70th and my youngest grandson's 1st birthday via Zoom, the champagne corks just kept popping and have continued to do so each Sunday since!!!!
Once it actually sank in that we were co.nfined to barracks for the foreseeable, I just got stuck into the above task along with gardening and lots of walks. We were so fortunate that the weather was kind during the first few months. On my daily walks I took photographs and put them on Facebook for the WI members or indeed anyone to keep those unable to venture out in touch with the outside world.Catch up with all the people I have been unable to see. Thankfully for the internet, I have been able to watch some online floral workshops from New Zealand, consequently I spent many hours making some of the mechanics and for once I didn't feel guilty about spending time on my own interests.
Somewhat relieved.WI! Freedom of movement and ability to access Doctors' appointments ahead.Craft work, reading, sorting out any outstanding jobs at home. Did one Denman course.Found it easy for a while and could get used to it. But now with second wave, quite depressing.Just to know I can go out to mix without fear of contracting virus.Did not like the panic buying on shopping - changed to home deliveries and will keep it on.
Worry for my family and friendsSocial gatherings, my exercise and hobby classes.Lots of C.P.D. and I have continued working.My life hasn't changed too much as I am a teacher.Give people hugs again. Resume WI meetings.I think communities have really pulled together and got to know each other more. Also people have been thankful for the small things!