Lockdown History

Members' History Project

Thank you for your contributions to the Members History Project that we have received so far.

The Digital Team are planning to display them on the Norfolk WI Facebook page, and here on the Web site.

Not only will your postcards make interesting reading and give insight into how you coped during National Lockdown, but importantly encourage more members to take part too.

Who could have foreseen how 2020 would unfold? Certainly unique and unprecedented, that’s why it’s so important to have a record actually written by the members themselves.

None of the cards will be identifiable, except for the WI name.

If you would rather your postcard didn’t appear on Facebook or the Website, please contact Helen Hall, admin@norfolkwi.org.uk

or call 01603 624580.

Thank you

Kim Reynolds

Chairman Membership Advisory

Photos from Covid-19 Times: A few memory joggers!

Rainbows appeared in windows, on transport, flags, and everywhere: 'Thank you NHS and Key Workers'. These certainly brightened the days although there was good weather during the first Lockdown.

Hairdressers, Barbers, Nail Bars were all closed during two Lockdowns.  In August, those staff were required to wear both a face mask and a visor.  This proved very hot in summer salons.

During the first Lockdown, face coverings were not mandatory, but later in 2020, face coverings were required to be worn in shops and enclosed spaces and on public transport. MyWI stepped in and produced patterns and instructions, and the sewing started all over again.

  • Masks were a problem for those with health conditions, so a lanyard scheme was devised to avoid any misunderstandings about the absence of a mask in public.

Members' Postcards

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