Filby & District

What was your reaction when lockdown was announced?What have you missed most, apart from family & friends?What have you been doing? Have you learnt something new or unusual?Has lockdown been difficult or easy, could you get used to this way of life?What is the first thing you will do/like when life is back to normal?Anything else you'd like to say about your lockdown experience?
I was going to find it hard to be at home all the time. Miss going to WI, Computer Club and cinema etc with friends.

Holidays, day trips, wandering around shops and garden centres, National Trust and libraries.

My garden was a saviour, the good weather meant I could do lots of gardening. Baking, always make my own bread, cakes. Made some cotton masks for me and my husband. Lots of walking.It turned out to be easier than I thought, but I wouldn't like it to be a new way of life, although slowing down was good for a lot of people.Holiday would be nice. Take grandchildren out for a treat, see friends and family more. Go to cinema and theatre again.  Meals out.I was surprised and saddened that people wouldn't follow Guidelines and didn't take it seriously, a bit selfish.