Norfolk (WI not stated)

These Lockdown Postcards did not show the member's WI.

What was your reaction when lockdown was announced?What have you missed most, apart from family & friends?What have you been doing? Have you learnt something new or unusual?Has lockdown been difficult or easy, could you get used to this way of life?What is the first thing you will do/like when life is back to normal?Anything else you'd like to say about your lockdown experience?
Sense of inevitabilityFreedom. No holiday again.Not much. Singing with online choirs.Difficult but I have got used to it.Go out for lunch.Made friends more with neighbours.
It was necessary to try to beat the virus.Freedom to go and do what I want.Sorted photos and made a family history of growing up in the 1940's, 50's and 60's.Reasonably easy. Got into a routine. The garden has been a salvation.Visit my children and grandchildren.We have to do all we can to protect ourselves and others.
Acceptance of its inevitability.Browsing shops, galleries etc.We've moved so busy with that. Nothing new, except more frustration!It has been bearable. Would not want it to be permanent, but would somehow cope I guess.Travel to see family overseas.I have found the constant media analysis and criticism very depressing. Government could have done better but I accept this is new territory for everyone.
Slow to happen.Swimming, aquafit.Gardening, decorating, nature.Mixed feelings.Go for coffees and chats. Travel in UK or abroad.I've had some negative developments in relationships which is sad.
Concern for the future.Day trips out with IC Travel.Discovered more of my surroundings. Sewing, knitting, gardening, walking.A bit of both but I would not want it to become a way of life.Visit my daughter and family in America.Living alone allows you too much time to 'overthink' all of life's problems.
Almost excitement.Travelling on busesWalking, gardening, reading, decorating - little now.Definitely seeing fewer people - enjoying my own company.Book a holiday.Saved a lot of money - feel guilty about problems of young people.
Apprehension/ confusionLibraries, swimming, exercise classes.Writing light hearted poems about Covid restrictions.Progressively easier.Meet friends in a larger group than has been possible.The spring weather made it easier to cope as we could be outside. Autumn/winter may not be as easy.
Worried.Holidays.Used Zoom, Denman at Home. Learnt card making/ scrapbooking/history.I found it easy and would be able to live like this.Have all the family together.Appreciate what you have.
Not surprised, inevitable.Social life at clubs.Mostly dog walking and the amount of litter.No! I live on my own, I may as well be in prison.Holiday.Very difficult emotionally.
Shocked and disappointed.I did miss going shopping.Be careful.NO way.Do things that we like to do.Visiting the doctor again and hospital.
Disappointed but thought at the time it was necessary - did not agree with the 2nd lockdown.My other activity groups - singing, dancing, swimming, sport, church, visiting historical places, the theatre and holidays.Have taken several online courses, lucky to love craft work and cookery so that has also kept me going. Love the outdoors so plenty of country/ coastal walks.Difficult from the point of view of queuing everywhere especially as I am still volunteering to get groceries and prescriptions for other people - althought that has got easier over time. It appears that Covid is an excuse for many organisations not to be running as efficiently as they were even after 7 months of restrictions. Would hate to have to get used to this life.Get rid of this ridiculous facde mask .....So fortunate to be retired with income, food and roof over our heads, and my friends and family have been great, but feel for those who have lost jobs, livelihoods and family through illness - Covid or otherwise.
I didn't know what to expect and it was rather scary, as everyone seemed to be a threat. I was lucky, as I have a dog and could get out but for those who couldn't .....All my usual activities were cancelled, so no bellringing, no church and no WI at first.I learnt to Zoom!! All my usual activities started up again on Zoom. I'm not terribly sociable anyway, so Zoom suited me. We'd have been much less comfortable without it. It's a great pity not everyone is prepared to use it, but some don't have the technology.It's been easy for me. My family is in Australia, so I'm used to being on my own. I get as much social activity as I need, most of the time, and I can get out. I'm lucky to live in a small village, so very little risk. I've been able to Zoom with WI friends, so some links have strengthened.We need to get the bells ringing in church.I've been very lucky. I'm reasonably fit. I can get out. My pension is adequate and I like technology. I live in a pleasant place and my dog means I meet others most days.
Back to living as in childhood.Jarrolds cheese scone and coffee.Celebrated son's 40th birthday with gin and cake at 10:00 am.Not too bad, yes probablyBin the maskLovely to have less air and road traffic. People much more caring for each other.
Partly dread of the unknown, and also a sort of excitement that it was a chance to do jobs I kept putting off.The freedom to just wander around shops, taking my time, and driving further afield to explore.Decorated a bedroom. Painted pottery (with the idea I might sell some), and was commissioned to paint a watercolour of a friend's property.It was easy to start with when it was new, and different, but now I crave face to face contact and meeting people.Visit my daughters, grandchildren, mum, and rest of my family.My WI group has been supportive, initially with phone calls, but it has become isolating, and there are only so many hours I like to spend with my husband - we both need space ha ha!!
As I live on my own, I dreaded the thought of not being able to meet up with my friends, but I did get quite a lot of jobs done around the house and garden done!I was very sad that my church had to close. I missed the regular services and activities we have.I did a lot more walking and spent more time outside enjoying my garden in our lovely summer weather.Very difficult and lonely and I certainly would never get used to it!Go on a holiday.I have learnt to count my blessings, as there are so many people now heartbroken at losing someone they loved.
Oh, I wonder how that will work? What are the rules?Going out for a coffee at the garden centre and browsing the shop afterwards.Getting lots of jobs done in the house and garden. No new hobbies thank goodness.Not too difficult but I wouldn't choose this way of life.Go out for a coffee and enjoy it.Maintaining social distancing in supermarkets has been a nightmare. It's a necessary visit but many people seem to ignore government advice.
Frightened, anxiety.Living a normal life, visiting friends.I've done nothing due to my mobility limitations.Difficult and lonely. I don't like it, but I have no option.I've no idea. I like to go out with my next of kin for lunch - and have proper Xmas.No.
Worry, but I never believed it would go on so long.Touching people.Handbell ringing.I could never willingly accept this as a way of life.Nothing special, just act like a human.I have been shocked at how easily people have accepted constraints to their liberty.
Amazement that our normal way of living ceased, virtually living at home (no shopping etc).Not feeling totally comfortable going out.Trying to clear out cupboards with lack of enthusiasm. Quite content most of the time with my own company.The good weather has helped and allowed us to go on long walks around the village footpaths (which are many). Lovely watching Spring emerge, trees in colour, bluebells abundant. The peace and tranquility with hardly any traffic in early lockdown.Just to be able to go out and mix (without wearing a mask), feeling guilty of contravening government instructions.Although I have really enjoyed being involved with the many clubs/groups that I am a member of, it was lovely to switch off and not having to clockwatch much of the time. Proved to myself I am not so good without the interaction of my numerous friends. Although I have a husband whom I love dearly, it is not the same as good girly friends.
Uncertainty. Worry for my children and grandchildren: Whether they would keep their jobs. Still be able to go to school.Going out to dinner and having someone to cook for me.Lucky I have been able to continue Dance/exercise classes via Skype. Been able to continue walking. I have taken up Archery since restrictions were lifted a bit.Difficult to accept loss of our previous way of life.

Would find it difficult to get used to this restricted way of life.
Go on holiday.I am lucky living in such a lovely area. We live in our own protected bubble. It would have been an awful lot harder if I lived in a city.
Moderate panic - have I got everything I need to survive?Getting together with other people to co-operate to achieve something.Doing: WI stuff, gardening, upholstery, sewing. Learnt: How to order online; how to Zoom!Fairly easy re practical things. Difficult re not meeting other people. (I wouldn't want to get used to it).Can't think what. (Isn't that really sad?)I usually have a fairly steady, even mood. But during lockdown I have had mood swings from quite high to quite low, from day to day.
Almost panic at freedom loss.The library and the Gym.Knitting. YouTube fitness classes. Thorough cleaning (very unusual).Difficult. I feel I am wasting my life.Go back to the Gym.A very revealing and thought provoking time.
1. Oh no, that puts the end to my holidays.
2. A rest, a break from the usual.
Bus trips, the coast, coffee at Notcutts and Yarmouth. And, of course, WI!I've been doing lots of sewing, lots of gardening, some jam making, some walking, a few cross-stitch cards.Easy to begin with, surprisingly as there was always gardening to fill my time. All too easy to get used to it - good in some ways but not all.Spend my Christmas gift vouchers from 2019! Getting together with extended family.New friendships have developed and existing ones stengthened. Telephone has been a Godsend.
A sigh of relief?Nothing. Have been too ill to care.Found interesting programmes on TV which I wouldn't usually bother with.No.Catch up with friends.The kindness of strangers and finding interesting programmes on TV which I wouldn't usually bother with!!
Confusion.Freedom of choice.Sorting things out, going on long walks. Rebonding with my husband.No.Go and see our favourite band live in the pub.I was shocked and upset how many people who thought that the rules did not apply to them.
To be honest, I was happy. It needed to happen and should have happened a lot sooner than it did, and with stricter measurements.Live music and cinema. Festivals and fetes in the community.I have learnt a lot of new media platforms. I had to adapt my working ways very quickly. I engaged with neighbours more.Sadly, there was a lot I loved about lockdown. I think it should have been stricter and longer. Many elements were wonderful and yes I could have got used to them.HUG, HUG, HUG.I have learnt such a lot and am glad to have gone through it. I think everyone is too presumptious and greedy. We need reality checks and to not be complacent about our lives and our planet.
Horror, but get on with it.National Trust - walking.Learned how to Zoom!Hard - hate it.Visit family - who are self-isolating.-
About time but would have liked a few days notice to purchase DIY products. How will I keep in contact with WI members? What can we do?Social meetings WI and other groups.New skills: Social media Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom. Decorating bungalow, gardening, writing and sending out more Newsletters to WI members, organising weekly and monthly phone calls to WI members.Yes but need to social contact with people. Holidays for special events cancelled, would like to feel special occasions are back to normal.Have a WI party. Go on holiday.Brought family closer and surprised at what has not been missed e.g. bowling.
Wondering if I would be able to get through it.My freedom to meet up  and travel.I have been hand embroidering all my birthday cards.No I would never get used to it, I'm a people person.Take a break with my family.I don't want to experience anything like this again in my lifetime.
Relief that most people would be safe.Socialising with friends in WI and other organisations of which I am a member.Tried new, and improved old crafts, researched and logged many dates and occurrences through my adult life from old diaries, done a lot more keeping up with friends on email.Easy, but with deterioration in health, becoming harder and with fewer opportunities for outdoor activities.See item 2 - resume social life with friends.Thank heaven for my wonderful husband - sensible, supportive, helpful, humorous, even tempered and understanding.
"Well, it won't last long, will it?"Holidays and eating out.Zooming a lot! Travelling virtually with WI Wanderers.Easy. Will find it hard to get going again.Visit family over a meal in a restaurant.In some ways, I have talked more, particularly to WI members, on the phone/social media, than I would have at our physical meetings., Got more done in the house and garden than I possibly would have in normal times.
My son from Dublin will be unable to come over.Going out for a meal.No.Yes - because I am OLD!Go to the City to Poundland and Card shop.It is now SO normal.