What was your reaction when lockdown was announced?What have you missed most, apart from family & friends?What have you been doing? Have you learnt something new or unusual?Has lockdown been difficult or easy, could you get used to this way of life?What is the first thing you will do/like when life is back to normal?Anything else you'd like to say about your lockdown experience?
It reminded me of living on Tristan da Cunha and it was a case of get on and enjoy what you have and hope that we could all keep safe and well.Not being able to travel.Continuing with textile projects and starting new ones, such as creating a textile book relating to this time in our lives. Using old and new techniques such as a soldering iron and heat gun to zap different textiles. Also learnt how to run and attend meetings using Zoom. During warmer weather I spent a lot of time helping at our allotment. Also enjoyed going on our little Broadland boat. Became a member of Norfolk Scrubs and was a volunteer driver and sewer (made endless masks and laundry bags).I have always had a mentality that you should get on and cope with whatever life throws at you. However, I do miss seeing my family and friends. I loved being part of the Norfolk Scrubs team and driving throughout the region to collect and deliver scrubs/laundry bags.Meet up with family and friends. Also go to a restaurant and have someone else make me a meal! Travel locally and overseas.I have enjoyed seeing more wildlife visit our part of the Broads and the roads being much quieter when we had to venture out.