What was your reaction when lockdown was announced?What have you missed most, apart from family & friends?What have you been doing? Have you learnt something new or unusual?Has lockdown been difficult or easy, could you get used to this way of life?What is the first thing you will do/like when life is back to normal?Anything else you'd like to say about your lockdown experience?
That it had to happenGoing to the theatre.Catching up on the jobs I had been meaning to do.Some parts good, but adapting to the situation.Go to the theatre and mixing with friends.It has made me realise that you count your blessings.
It was necessary and a bit late.Talking to people and trips out and about.That community is very important.Lonely as I live alone.Give my family a hug.Why is it so hard to get through to anyone ie Banks etc. Everyone is working from home or not at all!
It had to be done.Going out and about as normal.My husband has COPD so very little.Not as difficult as first thought.Visit family in the North and South of England.It makes you appreciate what you take for granted.
Disbelief /apprehension.Activities outside the home.No - just decorating and gardening.Very difficult.Go out for a big family meal.I hope it ends soon. It's not good for mental health.
How am I going to manage physically, but most of all, mentally.My freedom.Gardening, sewing, crochet, trying to sort celebration of 100 years Hemsby WI 2021 if it can go ahead.It has been challenging being a full time carer for my husband. Also very lonely. It would be very difficult.Hug my family and friends.Watching in shock at the attitude of the human race of all colour and creed fihting and dictating that they were better than anyone else while Covid virus was full on. Lost my faith in human nature. 
-WI Meeting, Fairs and Craft FairsVery busy making things for fundraising, and gardening.SometimesCuddle all my friendsLearning more about life and garden.
Upset.Holidays.No.No.Seeing everyone.-
I didn't cherish the thought of not being able to go out only for essentialsGoing to clubs I belong to, including WI.I have been knitting for my hairdresser's baby. Reading more local news. Singing 'virtually' weekly on a Thursday morning.It will be difficult as I live alone, not seeing many people as my niece and her family live away and my only son also.Have a long holiday.Thank goodness for phone calls weekly from AgeUK Befriending Service and the Wellbeing People, and from Janice, WI Hemsby.
Why not sooner.Full NHS service, WI meetings, cuddles with sons and grandchildren.Doing all the things I've put off for years. Have had health issues, but apart from that, it has not been as hard as I thought, but miss family.Go to Norwich window shopping, meet family and friends that are not in my bubble. Cromer coffee shop.Most people have done everything to ensure people are safe, but there are always those who are only worried about their ideas, and mantra - been an eye opener who fits into these slots.
Disappointed but understood why.Able to socialize.No.No.Get back to clubs and meetings. 
Great sadness as my 100 year old mother was in a care home.Theatre, cinema and meals out.Baking different cakes for my family and friends. Cleaning out cupboards!Wouldn't want to get used to it. Some days difficult, wondering if this is the new normal.Go to the theatre.My mother died at the end of September and my sister and I would have liked to have given her the funeral she had requested.
Relief and hope that people would obey.Church and 'Open the Book' (OtB).Making props and costumes for OtB. 'I have learned that I can spend time with hubby, without murdering him!'    I suppose I have learned patience.Easy and yes.Go back to 'Open the Book' (Sharing bible stories for primary schools).As we are pensioners and haven't had to worry about work or money; and as our family have looked out for us, we have actually enjoyed lockdown. Long may it last.
It should been earlier.I have missed bingo and my clubs.I have been in the garden more.I hope not.Have a holiday.Lonely.
Inevitable but gone on longer than expected.Holidays, social activities.Allotment, walking dogs, crochet, knitting, gardening.Not difficult but I prefer not to have the limitations it imposes.Go to see my family and grandchildren!Only that I will need to diet when it's all over.