Neatishead Barton Turf

What was your reaction when lockdown was announced?What have you missed most, apart from family & friends?What have you been doing? Have you learnt something new or unusual?Has lockdown been difficult or easy, could you get used to this way of life?What is the first thing you will do/like when life is back to normal?Anything else you'd like to say about your lockdown experience?
Trepidation - 3 months seemed a lifetime, envisaged being bored with nothing to do. And terrified for my son and daughter in law who emigrated to Chicago just after finding out that she was having a baby after many years trying. They weren't able to access good quality maternity services (apparently you have to book before pregnancy is confirmed - so that's what you get with private healthcare). Fortunately they came back!Being able to just 'nip' out to go somewhere or get something and being able to take part in visiting National Trust and other locations and activities.

We moved to Norfolk in October 2019, so have spent time decorating and getting planning permission for an extension.

Also my father died at the beginning of April so have been very busy sorting out all his paperwork and maintaining twice daily phone contact with my mother. Spent the first few weeks walking round the village where we now live, getting to know the layout and meeting many new people out and about. Also have been supporting by phone somebody who lives alone locally as well as a friend whose grand nephew aged 7 is close to the end with terminal cancer.

Some things have been difficult - the rigidity of planning 21 meals and snacks a week as there was no option to eat out or nip to the shops for extra supplies. Getting hold of some supplies, especially early on, worry about family and friends who were dealing with their own issues - like the toilet paper shortage as well as more emotional issues like the loss of my father. Not being able to travel to attend my father's funeral, not being able to meet up with family and friends, all social activities cancelled. But we only recently moved to Norfolk, and the weather was beautiful and we are so fortunate to have enough space and a large garden so it actually felt a bit like being on holiday at times. And walking with no traffic, watching the changes in people's gardens and the countryside, listening to the birds - we don't know what is normal for this area of beautiful countryside - so looking forward to seeing what next spring brings. And counting our blessings that we are so fortunate to be where we are and in a stable financial situation where so many people aren't.Catch up with friends and family, go out for a coffee, visit some of the amazing attractions in this part of the country.Just how fortunate I feel that we have been adversely affected much less than many people. Have supported local businesses (eating our weight in cake and scones home delivered every week from local tea shop) and donated some of the money we have saved by going nowhere and doing nothing to Norfolk charities to help those who have been affected by this terrible pandemic.