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We were previously known as “Leisure Activities”

Now our remit has now been broadened to include “the arts”, such as music, drama, art appreciation, museum and theatre trips.

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The Crossing Places

(A Dr Ruth Galloway Mystery)

by Elly Griffiths

This series ticks all the boxes – I can identify with the location; they are Murder Mysteries and although they can be read as standalone stories, the series follows all the characters’ lives.

Most of these books are clearly set in Norfolk.  Ruth is Head of Forensic Archaeology at the ‘University of North Norfolk’ and lives in a cottage on the edge of the salt marshes somewhere near Holme.  The first book is ‘Crossing Places’ and the action begins with the discovery of a child’s bones near to where a ‘Seahenge’ was discovered.  DCI Harry Nelson of King’s Lynn Police calls in Ruth to identify how old the bones are, as a child went missing 10 years previously.  Ruth identifies these bones as prehistoric, but then another child goes missing.  Things get more complicated when Nelson begins to receive anonymous letters about the case.

We are introduced to various other characters; the colleagues and wife of Nelson, and the colleagues and friends of Ruth, including Cathbad, the self styled druid who pops up in all the books.  But the salt marsh is centre stage, and is the setting for the exciting finale.  Ruth fleeing in a thunder storm at night across the treacherous marshes, with a rising tide, pursued by the person she thinks is the murderer only to run into the real murderer in the dark.

As the series progresses, all these lives and interactions are followed and Nelson and Ruth’s lives become more entangled.  The second book is set around an ex children’s home in Norwich where bodies are discovered buried under the threshold when the old house is being demolished.  One story involves the Ghost Fields of East Anglia – the imitation airfields designed to fool German aircraft during the war.  Another is based around Norwich castle and a supposed Victorian murderess, yet another takes the participants to Italy.

All the stories are well told and easy to read. Each story ends satisfactorily with the murder mystery solved, but the direction of their lives is left in suspense, so after each book, I was eager to read the next in the series.

Lesley Sanders

Songs from the Musicals

Which Musicals do these songs originate from?

1. I don't know how to love him

2. Brush up your Shakespeare

3. As long as he needs me

4. All that jazz

5. Mr Mistoffelees

6. How long has this been going on?

7. At the end of the Day

8. If I only had a heart

9. All I ask of you

10. Tomorrow

11. Let it go

12. I know him so well

13. Another suitcase in another hall

14. Somewhere

15. As if we never said Goodbye

16. When I Grow Up



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Christmas at Blenheim Palace

Christmas at Blenheim Palace, Monday 6th to Wednesday 8thDecember 2021

We continue to organise demonstrations, lectures, instruction and competitions in leisure and sporting activities

Among the regular events which take place are 10-pin bowling, scrabble and darts tournaments

Darts Tournament 2022


The Bridge Club meets on Wednesday mornings in The House and holds bridge lunches twice a year.


Bridge Day for Beginners: 18 May


The Mah Jong Club also meets fortnightly in The House.

There are taster days for activities that members have expressed an interest in

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Oh Yes, We Did!


Are we safe, is this contagious, will we go viral, will it happen again?  

Last night we were made aware that a number of females from a supposedly “in”/”un” - secure facility, attempted and then succeeded for almost half an hour, to take over the airwaves.

They called it a “panto”!  At this time of year?  Or was this an evil viral or even binary code word for something else?  No men were seen during the entire half hour and there has been some concern expressed for their well being, safety and sensitivity in being elsewhere.  Unfortunately, most of these women (for that is what they appeared to be!) were in heavy disguise and it was difficult to discover any identities of the miscreants.

Another seemed completely caught up with the subject of gold and the banking of bags.

She revealed that she was wearing a very expensive and therefore very small hat – had she purchased it with some of this coinage?

One of their number, dressed in silver and waving a star, sang a lot.


The “small p” police are now searching for the above silver-clad one, as well as one with pink hair and large glasses, who had paid unfortunate homage to an Australian Dame of some previous vintage.

Another wore a red hood and yet another had snow white hair and a penchant for ribbons.

They were accompanied by still more strange characters wearing flowers and disguises.  All of them were constantly interrupted by a final character wearing a black silk hat with antlers or such like sticking out of the sides.

Some signage was also displayed whether to attract help or to give a warning was not made clear.

Any person with information about this “virtual” takeover should keep it to themselves and hopefully not have sleepless nights.  There will be no reward except the knowledge that viewers participated in something that will probably not/possibly happen ever again???


It is to be hoped that normality will return in the next three to four months, we will be back on an A road with hopefully, either a satnav. that works, or a foldable map that isn’t upside-down, and that all will be once again ... ... NORMAL FOR NORFOLK!

By “A.N.onymous”

The committee will continue to strive to generate new and exciting opportunities for fellow members.

As well as arranging outings to places of interest, the Sub-Committee also organises the annual Federation holidays.

We encourage members throughout the Federation to submit new ideas and requests to us through the Federation Office, so we can add new pursuits as well as old favourites to the calendar.

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