Arts and Leisure Activities

We were previously known as “Leisure Activities”.

Now our remit has now been broadened to include “the arts”, such as music, drama, art appreciation, museum and theatre trips.

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The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley.

Billionaire, affectionally known as Pa Salt, lives with his six adopted daughters, named after the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, a story from Greek Mythology, in a fabulous secluded castle, “Atlantis”, on the shores of Lake Geneva. They are Maia, Ally(Alcyone), Star (Asterope), Ce Ce  (Celaeno), Tiggy (Taygete), Electra and Merope (missing).

As they all gather in the family home, they hear that their father has died. Each of them is handed a tantalizing clue as to her true heritage.

This book, the first in the series, deals with Maia and takes her across the world to a crumbling mansion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Once there she begins to put together the pieces of her story which begins eighty years earlier in Rio’s Belle Epoque of the 1920s.  Izabela Bonifacio’s father has aspirations for his daughter to marry into the aristocracy.  Meanwhile, architect Heitor da Silva Costa is devising plans for an enormous statue, to be called, “Christ the Redeemer”, and will soon travel to Paris to find the right sculptor for his vision.  Izabella persuades her father to accompany him and his family before she is married.  There, she meets an ambitious young sculptor Laurent Brouilly and she knows at once that her life will never be the same again.

This is an epic tale of love and loss, from the streets of Rio to the heady vibrant cafes of Montparnasse and takes Maia on a spellbinding journey to discover her roots and make a life for herself outside of “Atlantis”.

A real page turner, however it should come with a warning. I am now on the fourth book and it, like the others is compulsive reading!

Sandra Barker
Comedy Connections

This month linked questions about TV comedy shows.

1a  Whose Mother did have em?

1b  Played by which actor?

1c Which Andrew Lloyd Webber show was he in?

2a  Who was that ‘Stupid Boy’?

2b  Played by who?

2c  Which soap has he been in?

3a  Who was originally ‘Open all hours’?

3b  Played by ?

3c  Who played the shop keeper looking for his ‘four candles’?

4a  Which priest lived on Craggy Island?

4b  Who played his dopey sidekick?

4c  He recently played a detective where?.

5a  Who said We’ll be millionaires next year?

5b  played by?

5c  Which detective did he play?

6a  Whose house had rising damp?

6b  played by?

6c  Which of his student lodgers is now on a Paradise island?

7a  Who kept up appearances?

7b  Played by ?

7c  She also played which detective?

8a  This Actor played at the good life?

8b  Who played his snooty neighbour?

8c  She recently did travel documentaries featuring what?

Summer Book Review & Quiz

Spring Book Review & Quiz

Murder Mystery Evening 

We are going on holiday!

Click on the link, to download full details and the application form

Christmas at Blenheim Palace, Monday 6th- Wednesday 8thDecember 2021
Holiday in Harrogate, Wednesday 20th– Sunday 24thApril 2022

We continue to organise demonstrations, lectures, instruction and competitions in leisure and sporting activities

Among the regular events which take place are 10-pin bowling, scrabble and darts tournaments

Scrabble Afternoon


The Bridge Club meets on Wednesday mornings in The House and holds bridge lunches twice a year.

Bridge Day


The Mah Jong Club also meets fortnightly in The House.

There are taster days for activities that members have expressed an interest in

Canasta Day

Oh Yes, We Did!


Are we safe, is this contagious, will we go viral, will it happen again?  

Last night we were made aware that a number of females from a supposedly “in”/”un” - secure facility, attempted and then succeeded for almost half an hour, to take over the airwaves.

They called it a “panto”!  At this time of year?  Or was this an evil viral or even binary code word for something else?  No men were seen during the entire half hour and there has been some concern expressed for their well being, safety and sensitivity in being elsewhere.  Unfortunately, most of these women (for that is what they appeared to be!) were in heavy disguise and it was difficult to discover any identities of the miscreants.

Another seemed completely caught up with the subject of gold and the banking of bags.

She revealed that she was wearing a very expensive and therefore very small hat – had she purchased it with some of this coinage?

One of their number, dressed in silver and waving a star, sang a lot.


The “small p” police are now searching for the above silver-clad one, as well as one with pink hair and large glasses, who had paid unfortunate homage to an Australian Dame of some previous vintage.

Another wore a red hood and yet another had snow white hair and a penchant for ribbons.

They were accompanied by still more strange characters wearing flowers and disguises.  All of them were constantly interrupted by a final character wearing a black silk hat with antlers or such like sticking out of the sides.

Some signage was also displayed whether to attract help or to give a warning was not made clear.

Any person with information about this “virtual” takeover should keep it to themselves and hopefully not have sleepless nights.  There will be no reward except the knowledge that viewers participated in something that will probably not/possibly happen ever again???


It is to be hoped that normality will return in the next three to four months, we will be back on an A road with hopefully, either a satnav. that works, or a foldable map that isn’t upside-down, and that all will be once again ... ... NORMAL FOR NORFOLK!

By “A.N.onymous”

The committee will continue to strive to generate new and exciting opportunities for fellow members.

As well as arranging outings to places of interest, the Sub-Committee also organises the annual Federation holidays.

We encourage members throughout the Federation to submit new ideas and requests to us through the Federation Office, so we can add new pursuits as well as old favourites to the calendar.