In "normal" times - pre-pandemic - we produced a quarterly newsletter for all our members.  During the pandemic we have upped our game a bit and send our monthly newsletters by email on the day we would normally have our meetings.  A fun quiz, devised each month by our Secretary, Anne,  accompanies each newsletter, with the answers issued the following week.

Our monthly newsletters may be seen by clicking on the links below:

January 2020 here

March/April 2020 here

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June/July 2020 here

July/August 2020 here

August/September 2020 here

September/October 2020 here

October/November 2020 here

November/December 2020  here

December 2020 here

January 2021 here

February 2021 here

March 2021 here

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May 2021 here

June 2021 here

July 2021 here

September 2021 here