May 2018

May – Resolutions time. We welcomed our Adviser Wendy Nash, who had come to help us decide on voting for the Resolution, only one this year,
“Mental Health Matters”. The resolution was read and discussed,questions answered and the vote taken. It was then time for the fun to start.
Members did not know we had invited Christine an Extend Fitness Instructor along for the evening. Christine began by telling us that when at school she was never a team player she much preferred to excise on her own. At 15yrs she had wanted to become one of “Pam’s People”, but instead went to work in a bank. The ladies noticed that when work finished the men went off to the gym or play football, but there was nothing for the ladies. The bank had a large hall, and it was suggested that the ladies could use this. Christine took along music and worked out routines, it was a great success. This inspired her to go on and train to become a fully qualified Fitness Instructor.
Now it was our turn, Christine had brought along her music and she asked us to join in the routines and everyone did.Even those of us not able to stand followed whilst sitting. Fun was had by all,Thank You Christine. Time now for tea & cake, not tonight!  Instead members were treated to Fresh Fruit Kebab's and Fruit Punch, provided by the committee, just what was need after all that excise.
Next month we will be learning the history of Norfolk through it’s Village Signs. 12th June, village hall 7:30pm.