June 2019

June  - What a terrible day, evening and still raining, not deterred our members arrived despite the weather .

The meeting began with the singing of Jerusalem, followed by the usual business. It was then time to introduce our speaker, who had cycled 4 miles in the rain to be with us . Eleanor was to tell us her story of how she became a Belly Dancer.

It began when as a teenager still at school and living in Ireland with her Mom her ambition was to be a Pathologist. This was to change when her Mom saw a TV programme saying that belly dancing was a way to keep fit. Mom decided that maybe this was a way for them  and signed them up. Both went along but after the first few lessons Mom said it wasn't for her after all. The tutor  told Eleanor that she was very good and as she was enjoying it she stayed on.

Then it was time for university and a move to Edinburgh. In Edinburgh she found another tutor and was able to carry on belly dancing. Having worked with various tutors while at university and being told that she was very very good, belly dancing had become her passion. During travels to various countries she found that they all had different ways of performing. To learn the Egyptian way was her dream. A holiday to Egypt  and then time working there meant the dream came true.

Eleanor loves the Egyptian dance, it is her passion. She is now a successful choreographer and has schools in London and Norfolk. Being creative Eleanor designs and makes all her own costumes.

A fascinating story which was made more interesting by the demonstration dances performed

during the telling. Thank You Eleanor for sharing your story with us.

After a break for tea & cake, time to draw the raffle and present birthday posies. Competition: an Unusual Scarf was won by Rosemary B.

Remember - next month a change to the programme  Martin Shults  Ratpack & Beyond

9th July Village Hall 7:30pm. Competition : Famous Autograph/Photo.