Campaigns & Resolutions

We promote the National WI campaigns.

Final resolution for 2022 National Annual Meeting

The current campaign is “A call to increase the subtle signs of ovarian cancer"

The “Care Not Custody” campaign originated in Norfolk

Recently the “End Plastic Soup” campaign and the “Save our Bees” campaigns have been very popular locally

You can see all details of the WI’s campaigns on the National Website

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Final resolution for 2022 National Annual Meeting

Norfolk’s Federation Resolutions Coordinator is a member of this committee. She advises WIs who wish to submit a resolution and guides members through the procedures.  Every year resolutions are submitted to the National WI for consideration and after a shortlisting meeting in the autumn attended by representatives from all Federations, a list of usually 6 resolutions is published and members discuss these and select their favourite.  After more discussion and the National Annual Meeting, one or 2 become WI mandates and we can then act on them.  Normally we hold 2 Resolutions Information Meetings every year to discuss both current resolutions and ideas for future ones!

Resolutions Information Meeting Thursday 28 April 2022

More on Resolutions here

Did you know that the No Smoking campaign originated as a resolution submitted by Hellesdon WI?

End Plastic Soup Campaign

In 2019 we suggested that members make bags from old material to avoid the use of plastic bags.

We collected hundreds and took them to the Food Banks at King’s Lynn and Norwich so that food could be collected in reusable bags

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