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# WI Love Norfolk Day

Norfolk, big skies, stunning coastline, and fabulous beaches.

Artisan bakers, producers, and growers of all that is best in fresh and wholesome food, including craft beers, pint anyone?

What’s not to love about Norfolk?

WI members, great bakers, accomplished artists and musicians, artistic flower arrangers and skilful at all things requiring a needle. Campaigners for good and unafraid to navigate new technology. And they make a good cup of tea, cuppa anyone?

What’s not to love about the WI.

I feel extremely fortunate to live in our beautiful county of Norfolk, and proud to be a member of the WI, it has an amazing history but is still relevant in today’s world.

My photographs, taken in a house, albeit miniature, within my home, represent some of the skills associated with the WI.

As the saying goes – Home is where the heart is.

Kim Reynolds, Mundesley WI
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