Health & Caring

We have members of our Committee who represent Norfolk WI on various organisations, including:

AgeUK Norfolk

Volunteer Norfolk

Norfolk & Waveney Carers’ Matter

Carers’ Voice - Carers Matters: HELPLINE

This network supports carers throughout the area, facilitating action and motivating. There is an excellent advice line and, in post-pandemic times, these contacts may be of enormous use in helping to alleviate post lockdown anxiety.  For both Carers and those they care for, virtual meetings have proved to be beneficial if they have access to technology.  Not all have access to laptops or tablets and this issue is being addressed.  It is certainly easier to access a meeting virtually and not to have to find a carer to look after the cared person while a meeting is attended!Jay Page

Jay Page works with Norfolk County Council on the Carers’ Charter which aids organisations in supporting carers in the workplace and young carers in schools.

Norfolk Carer's Charter, October 2020

Adult Carer Emergency Plan

Our presence on these committees means that we are represented in important areas of our county’s life and our expertise acknowledged.

EDP Opinion Article 2020: Modern Slavery
On International Women's Day March 8th 2021

Louise Casson, Norfolk WI’s Federation Secretary chose to challenge Period Poverty.  Recently Norfolk WI collected sanitary products at our Federation meetings and the generosity of our members was truly amazing with the result that Louise could barely access her desk! This is her challenge -

Being unable to access sanitary products and safe, hygienic spaces in which to manage menstruation traps women and girls every month.  Period Poverty affects women and girls throughout the world – in the UK it has been estimated that in 2017 over 137,000 girls missed school as a result.  It affects their life chances because it denies them the right to education and the ability to lead active, fulfilling lives. I believe every woman and girl has the right to access sanitary protection.”  

  • I #ChoosetoChallenge Period Poverty