Mary's Easter

Mary DorrellMary Dorrell Gets  Creative with Blown Eggs and Odds & Ends
First blow your eggs.
There are plenty of guides online.
I used the BBC Good Food Guide.
Then make scrambled eggs for lunch!Blown Eggs
A Few Spring Flowers Gather your flowersEgg Cups Hunt through all your egg cups
And get creative!
I made the top hole about 1cm in diameter with a pair of nail scissors.
Miniature Flower Arrangement 
Paper and Pens If you have younger ones to entertain hunt out all your pens and odds & ends of paper.

Sticky Notes make good wings

Fold one in half to make the wings and cut them out, small enough to stand clear of the top of the egg-cup.

Fold along the edge of the glued part.
You will probably not need extra glue.

Fold the Post-it Folding the wings 
Putting on the face Add face details.
Keep it simple
Tissue Paper Cut a thin strip of tissue paper to scrunch up.
Pop it in the hole at the top.
Yellow wool would do just as well.

Easter Chicks

The finished chicks
I hope you enjoy making a cheerful Easter on the Cheap-Cheep as much as I did!

Mary Dorrell