March Meeting

Charlotte Philcox, Organic Gardener and Garden Designer our speaker for the evening, known to many members for her articles in “Lets Talk Magazine”.

Remedies & Rosewater. What a fascinating and hilarious evening as Charlotte told us of the remedies used by our ancestors in bygone years many being traced back to Roman times using herbs and natural ingredients, others used by our grandmothers . Some unbelievable, such as a cure for earache using an onion which was tied to the ear overnight with an old stocking, or the one for a sore throat.

Take an old unwashed sock and a piece of bacon,place the bacon next to the throat and tie in place with the sock,this must be worn overnight, but then it was said you had to eat the bacon next morning for breakfast!). Can you believe that, want to give it a try?

Many members had their own remedies which had been handed down to them and these they related to Charlotte. An excellent speaker and a very entertaining evening.

April 10th our next meeting  Pearls – My Passion  speaker Mari Pennington. See you there, village hall 7:30pm.