August 2017

Twenty-four members were at our August meeting and we talked about events that had happened in July – namely the brilliant visit to the Hawk and Owl Trust at Fakenham (although we didn’t see any hawks or owls!) and the very enjoyable Harp Concert in Kings Lynn.

Instead of having a speaker we were thoroughly entertained by Tina Vallance with the subject Jaya Dance – Bollywood comes to Northwold. Tina has always loved being involved in Indian Dance and one day, as she was in the school playground with her children, she was asked by the headmaster to demonstrate some dance moves to the children. She had her audience, both children and teachers, captivated and from that moment forward she was in constant demand. By the end of the evening it was easy to see why! While we were still seated, Tina taught us various hand and arm movements – we were obviously going to be a very mixed ability group. Then it was time to complete a warm up routine standing up. Fortunately, our ladies have learnt to laugh at themselves over the years and, as expected, there was a great deal of laughter! Tina felt we were ready for the grand finale and explained how to dress ourselves using the colourful skirts, sashes, scarves and bells laid out on the table. We all looked very colourful as we posed for photographs. Our dancing may have lacked co-ordination, it may even have been ungainly or it may have been beautiful; whatever we looked like we all had tremendous fun. We will certainly never forget the day Bollywood came to Northwold!Our monthly competition for a Bollywood outfit was won by Brenda, Ann was second and Betty third. Finally, it was time to enjoy a delicious supper and catch up with each other’s news.

Forthcoming Events:

The Village History Weekend, here in Northwold, on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August.

The Autumn WI Group Meeting

The Autumn WI Federation Meeting

A day in Cromer by coach, time to have lunch and to see the Summer Show at the Pavilion Theatre.

An afternoon matinee performance at the Theatre Royal in Norwich