2021 Proposed Programme

28th January

 Barely Believeable (Life as a Live Model)   

Rob Spray


25th February


Writer and Broadcaster


Pete Goodrum

25th March

 Rubies and Pearls   Maria Pennington

22nd April

 40th Birthday Celebrations Resolutions and refreshments    

27th May

 Quiz and Chips Night   With visiting WI's

24th June

 Dance Workshop   Peg Hunter

22rd July

 Escaping Hitler   Phyllida Scrivens

26th August

 Demonstration of Magic   Sean Goodman

243th September

 Medical Detection Dogs   

Norma Howell

28th October

 Everything I Wanted to Know About Sex   Linda Scoles

25th November

 Annual Meeting   Refeshments and social time           


Date to be arranged

 Christmas Party    Venue and entertaiment to be arranged